There are many types of tantric massages that are in high demand nowadays and women-only tantric massage is one of them. Women only tantric massage is different compared to the other types of erotic massages because it is a massage of the woman genitals that produces an unimaginable pleasure to the recipient.

It is important to note that women only tantric massage is not just limited to lesbians but is also open to bisexual people and even straight women who want to experience a new type of pleasure. Women only tantric massage aims to make a woman feel comfortable being massaged by another woman, regardless of whether they are lesbian or not.

Women only tantric massage is performed by a professional masseuse and not just any massage centre offers it. In London, women-only tantric massage is offered by specialized massage centres like Exclusive Tantric Massage London. It is important to note that this type of massage is sensual in nature, but it goes beyond being an activity for sexual satisfaction or excitement, it awakens the senses and provides complete relaxation.


Women-Only Tantric Massage

Women only tantric massage is a yoni massage performed by a woman. Yoni massage is a vaginal massage and is not only about stroking the vagina physically, but is performed in a way that it provides total relaxation while the recipient gets happiness and satisfaction, even to the point of reaching orgasm.

However, something that should always be pointed out in tantric massage is that reaching orgasm is not the main objective, but rather to awaken a woman’s sexual energy and at the same time, allow her to learn more about her sensuality and sexuality.

Therefore, explicit sex should not be expected in this type of massage and both you and the masseuse should be clear about that from the beginning.


The women-only tantric massage is a yoni massage and it is a type of massage that frees the mind and body between you and the masseuse (both women). As we mentioned above, it is not strictly a lesbian massage, there are also some heterosexual or bisexual women who have tried this type of massage and have greatly enjoyed it. In fact, women love to discover new sensations with their bodies more than men. Most of the women who are not lesbians and are overloaded with work and stress have an easier time relaxing through a women-only tantric massage.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in this type of massage due to its nature. However, if you want to try this type of erotic massage, it’s a sign that you have an interest in new experiences. It’s important to note that you have the option to stop if at any point in the massage you don’t feel comfortable. However, this is rare, especially if the massage is handled by professional masseuses.


Tantric Massage for Women-Only

Regardless of the type of massage in question, it is important to note that there must be some level of preparation for the massage to be successful and the desired result to be achieved. Of course, this also applies to the women-only tantric massage. Preparing yourself will involve getting the right environment and preparing yourself mentally, among other things.

The Right Environment

Creating a relaxing environment is important and it means that it must become a sacred space. To help your mind relax properly, you should know that you are in an intimate and safe place, as you will be naked throughout the process. Relaxing allows you to receive the pleasure associated with this massage. To further enhance the atmosphere, the room can be decorated with scented candles, and soft music can be played in the background. In fact, the environment will ensure that you abandon your worries and focus solely on receiving unlimited pleasure from another woman.

It is also important to monitor the temperature of the room so that it remains optimal during the massage. A very cold or very hot room could cause discomfort to you and this would ruin the massage. The best way to do this is to keep the temperature balanced which the masseuse will make sure before the massage starts.


Oil is essential to carry out the different types of massage and that includes women-only tantric massage. There are many oils available on the market, but not all are suitable for this type of massage. Remember that women only tantric massage focuses on the women genital area and that means taking special care to avoid hurting it. No oil that is used for massage should react negatively on the skin or the genitals. For this reason, the masseuse makes sure that she uses the right type of oil.

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