Does a sensual massage get you in the mood? Tantra can do more! What really happens and what you can you learn from this type of sexy massage?

Tantric massage is a respectful massage ritual in which the entire body is touched and massaged in a harmonious and natural way – even in the genital area. An orgasm is not necessarily on the plan during a Tantric massage. If you have one, great! If not, do not worry, because that is completely normal. Tantric massage is more about the spiritual level and the expansion of consciousness.

However, this level can only be achieved by making your sexual energies flow. During orgasm, sexual energy unfolds and can be used much more effectively than simply unloading in the course of a climax. The goal is to learn to consciously perceive your sexual energy and thus get to know a completely new side of your sexuality. 


Tantra, what was that? It sounds a bit exotic, but also a bit like Aunt Erna. In any case, it has something to do with sex. But that’s what esoteric people do, right? If you think of similar thoughts as soon as you hear the word Tantra, you are right here. Nothing is as misinterpreted as tantra – there is much more behind the spiritual teaching than most people think.

In short, Tantra is a pleasurable Indian-based practice that allows you to consciously perceive your body and mind and rediscover your own sexuality by combining sensuality with spirituality. How this works, what practices and rituals belong to it and how Tantra fuels the desire, we explain here:


Mainly sexual energy. Because during sex not only a lot of hormones are released, it flows according to Tantra doctrine and sexual energy. This can, according to Tantra, particularly fuel the desire and bring you into higher dimensions – to ecstasy.

But you have to learn to redirect that energy and get the 7 main chakras to flow. Chakras are the so-called energy centers of the body. They are located along the spine and regulate the flow of energy in the body. Through the tantric massage and special breathing exercises, you bring ecstasy to flow.

Many people are concerned with experiencing a positive body sensation. But even emotions that are deep in you can come up during a tantric massage. Crying is therefore not a rare reaction. Of course not because the massage causes physical pain, but because suddenly unconscious or suppressed feelings dissolve. However, most women experience the massage as a calming, sensual experience and can really let go.

Ecstasy, what is that?

Complete ecstasy is a loss of control, a lust life that goes beyond normal consciousness. A moment when you completely lose yourself and completely fall. You feel how the pleasure spreads throughout your body and becomes more and more intense in waves. Your mind can not be distracted by anything, you feel free from worries, everyday stress, the pressure to perform and the expectations of others. In this glittering moment of happiness, you only perceive yourself and your body, which usually ends in an explosive orgasm that shakes your entire body from head to toe. Some women even start to shiver during intense pleasure.


Anyone who has already experienced one or the other service will be surprised by the intensity and length of a tantric massage. Before the massage begins, a preliminary consultation with the masseuse takes place. It is discussed whether you have physical or sexual ailments and you can preclude individual applications in advance. It’s also a great opportunity to build trust and sympathy before it gets down to business.


So that you can open up during the massage and let it fall completely, you should feel particularly comfortable in the room. Shame and mistrust are completely out of place here. If you are calm and relaxed, the massage begins. You are massaged from head to toe with warm oil. Usually, the masseuse starts with a full body massage and only at the end of the intimate area is the turn.


There are two variants, the female gender (Yoni), and the male (Lingam).

The Yoni Massage

Yoni stands for the female genitalia and as the name suggests, the masseuse pays special attention to the female genital area during the Yoni massage. The focus here is clearly on the intimate area of a woman. The inner and outer labia, the mound, the anus, as well as the clitoris and the G-spot are massaged. In addition to the pleasant stimulation, the Yoni massage is suitable to relieve your tension and pressure – just as you can have a tense back, blockages in your genital area can also form.

The Lingam Massage

Not only women benefit from the sensual massage – men also get their money’s worth with practiced tantra hand grips. The male version of a tantra massage revolves around the lingam, meaning the male sex area. During the lingam massage, the penis, testicles, anus, and prostate are alternately massaged, which is supposed to put the man in a state of intoxication.

Men should also be able to get multiple orgasms when controlling their sexual energy through the chakras. It pays off in other areas as well: once he gets the hang of it, he can have sex for hours without getting it.

You should know these tantra basics before your first massage

  • The whole body is touched and massaged – also the genital area.
  • You and the masseuse are both completely naked during the massage.
  • Yes, you may touch the masseuse
  • No, sex with the masseuse is excluded.
  • The masseuse determines the course of treatment, but you can exclude individual applications in advance.


The atmosphere plays an enormously important role. Both have to feel good. Relaxed music, candles and pleasant-smelling massage oil help to create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

For a full-body massage, it is highly recommended to use pure coconut oil, a good lubricant for the intimate massage and to pamper yourself with some nourishing Yoni cream.

Tantra is not esoteric nonsense. Those who indulge in practices openly and without frowning can get to know their sexuality in a completely new way. Every good relationship can use new adventures in bed every now and then – and you do not want to miss the chance of an ecstatic orgasm, right? 

So don’t waste your time thinking about how you can fill that void in your sexual life. Let us make you re-discover the new you with a deeper understanding of your inner sensual desires. Pick one of our professional masseuses and book an appointment today.

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