Raise your hand if, at the mention Tantric Massage, you have not thought about something that has to do with sex or with a type of erotic massage. But the truth is not like this, although the term “tantric” has been used and abused for so many times to the degree when it’s meaning became a way too ambiguous.

It’s time for clarity – Tantric massage is not an erotic practice, but an activity that has spiritual significance with multiple beneficial effects on psycho-somatic health problems. This true meaning of tantric massage has to be restored from misleading and disrespectful terms it is often associated with. We need to finally clarify, in order to understand better, the original meaning of tantric massage, which is regarded by some people as something sinful, rather as a means to achieve wellness and balance.

So What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage, or tantra massage is a sensory experience of ‘nature of Tantra’, and in fact, everything can be ‘tantra’.

Everything become ‘tantric’ when you pay attention and listen to your deepest self and this also means smelling a flower, watching a sunset, cooking, making love eating … well, tantric can be anything relating to sensory experience, when one pays close attention of that experience, being so acutely aware of it that at some point merging with the experience itself, retreating into and becoming one with it. The Tantric massage is, therefore, in fact, tantric experience. It becomes a great opportunity for meditation and self expansion, a continuous listening to the deepest needs and desires of the true self, the self uncontaminated by stresses and strains of day to day life, as well as by the patterns of cultural and personal conditioning an egotist desires .

The masseuse, which should be an expert in tantric practices, will use tantric techniques to lead the session, making the receiver of the massage to feel at ease and leave the session with increased well being, confidence and greater self awareness, being able to expand their feelings and perceptions through the physical but beyond the physical realm of the reality.

The characteristic of the Tantric massage are such that there is practically no limit to its expression.

Clearly it is not necessary or required that the masseuse and her client should be interested predominantly in genital areas, as it is often mistakenly believed.

However, this is not necessarily excluded when awareness and openness of the receiver is such that the sexual component of tantric massage may give rise to misunderstandings or malicious thoughts for no reason. The human body is a whole and everything is sacred, worthy and deserving of attention. There are no areas restricted by the Spirit. Unfortunately, in our society, and particularly in London, the bad information and education is still widespread. The Tantric massage is not sex, let alone an opportunity to express base instincts. It’s time to return to the sacredness of Being in its totality.

In respect of the person and of his nature there is no tantric massage standard that can be defined as such, but there exist different modes of performance with limits and boundaries of expression dictated solely by individual preferences and their level of development – a person should not be forced in any way – ever!

For someone a few cuddles might be enough, but the more advanced level of tantric massage would mean the ability to rightly use the sexual energy – which is the most powerful energy that humans can to feel physically – a potential energy that can transform and expand in all spheres of Being.

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What Are The Specifics Of Tantric Massage?

In general, Tantric massage is intended to lead to a very powerful sensory experience for the purposes of meditation, listening to the self and, therefore, expansion and spiritual elevation. When the individual is allowed full access to himself, his true feelings and desires start coming out, thus allowing a greater understanding of own personality to take place and as a consequence, to transform the life towards self-actualization and experiencing the deeper dimensions of life, turning it into a beautiful adventure rather than bleak and dull day to day existence or struggle. The knowledge of who we really are in our totality, as the expression of the creative spark of cosmic consciousness, the awareness of our true selves is indispensable and priceless.

Will The Truth About Tantra Triumph Or We Are We Locked Into The Superficial Falsehood For Good?

Lately we are observing a growing interest to the real, authentic tantric massage in the West. More and more people come to the realization that there is something more to Tantra and tantric massage than they may have mistakenly thought before, lured by seductive advertisings promising heavenly pleasures, but in fact being nothing but camouflaged soliciting of the paid sexual services.

This is good because it indicates that people are evolving, are getting rid of cages and networks of superstition and false modesty, which for years have caused dissatisfaction, repression, and accumulation of stress – the primary cause of 90% of the evils of our century. We personally think that anyone should try this experience with the tranquility, safety and respect of personal boundaries.

In Europe and America tantric massage was regarded to as a kind of erotic entertainment for men, but now more and more women are turning to it as well, being curious an fearless explores of the unknown, being able to feel intuitively the vast, and it would not be an overstatement to say, virtually unlimited potential of tantric massage and tantra as a spiritual discipline and philosophical concept.

What Feelings, Sensations And Effects Gives This Type Of Massage?

A variety of profound feelings of joy, happiness, liberation and intense bliss can be experienced in course of tantric massage. It should be noted that this is due to the fact that Tantric massage is not a standard technique that is learned from a book or a videotape (there are many out there that when being seen by a specialist really makes them laugh), but an expression of love and of care of tantric massage therapist towards her client.

Tantra massage can be done seriously only by those who ‘are the Tantra themselves’: that is, by someone who has realized the essence of tantra and inculcated this understanding into their lives. And because tantra is experiential, there are very few rules here that could be explained – they only can be learnt and understood from a personal experience.

One may study Tantra for so many years and even receive “special initiations” from so called “gurus”, and still know nothing about it. On the contrary, a lay person occasionally can have a spontaneous tantric awakening, with the deepest and most guarded secrets of the path being passed to them in a direct revelation.

How To Recognize A Professional Tantric Massage Therapist?

It is difficult to not draw a set of guidelines or suggestions here. Unfortunately, it is easy for a charlatan of Tantra to fool an inexperienced seeker by showing them various diplomas and certificates, as well as telling fairy-tale like sounding stories about their journeys and adventures in far exotic lands. We only can suggest that the seeker should rely on their intuition and gut feelings, which will eventually allow them to tell the truth from falsehood.

For some time it could be a matter of struggle between the mind (made of evaluations, calculations and inculcated tendencies, fears, beliefs, etc.) and his own feelings, but when the seeker is grown in awareness, the voice of the instinct will be clearly heard and the path smoothed down.

In general, you should still follow at least elementary and obvious guidelines: contact reliable tantric massage therapists, which also practice other types of bodywork and massage.

Then, above all, during the first meeting with your prospective therapist trust your intuition: tell, ask, try to feel the level of spirituality of the person in front of you. In the real master or teacher of Tantra you will find welcoming smile, kindness and respect for your sensibilities. Such person will not try to push you to do anything, indeed, he or she will do everything to make sure you are fully aware of what Tantra and Tantric Massage are.

Here at Exclusive Tantric Massage London we only employ high class, experienced tantric massage therapists, which are also young and good looking, so your massage session will be of a top-notch quality.

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