Terms Of Enjoyment

The team here at Exclusive Tantric Massage London are experts and are invested in making sure you have a wonderful time and choose to become a repeat client as most of our clients are. In order for a smooth booking process and a pleasurable tantric massage appointment, we advise you read our Terms of Enjoyment & Terms & Conditions pages. Use of this site means that you agree to these terms. This avoids any misunderstandings or confusion. It’s all simple, jargon free and common sense.


Tantric Massage services are legal in the UK, it is a health and wellness service. While it is highly sensual and erotic in nature please be respectful of the masseuses. Please note we are NOT an escort agency and soliciting is strictly prohibited.

Please note this is an adult service so we only take bookings and provide services to those who are 18 years and older. Illegal substances will not be tolerated during an appointment. Please do not arrive at an appointment if you are intoxicated. The masseuse has the right to refuse or terminate an appointment in such cases.


For Incall (visiting us) bookings we require a mobile contact number for you. This is not only to confirm your booking but then we can also assist if you have any difficulties locating the appointment venue. We also require a first name so the masseuse knows who to expect.

For outcalls to your hotel – we will require the name of your hotel, your room number, and the name the room is booked under. This is a requirement for us and the hotel, the hotel can refuse guests who do not have this information. The vast majority of the time, your masseuse will not need to speak with reception or hotel staff but if she is stopped she must have this information. It is also our policy for the masseuses safety. All masseuses dress well and are discrete and naturally blend with the luxury hotels they visit.

For outcalls to your residence – we will require your first name and the full address including post code, and any apartment number. We will also require a mobile number or landline number. Please note not all masseuses offer private residence visits.

Please only enquire on behalf of yourself. Third party booking requests will only be considered in the instance of a severe language barrier or proven disability. We only see typically one client at a time, on occasion we can cater for two, we do not accept multiple / group bookings.


The reception team will advise and confirm with you the booking rate – please have this with you in cash and hand to your masseuse within 5 (five) minutes of arrival. This avoids embarrassment or misunderstandings, and enables you both to allow the pleasure to begin. Please do not be offended if the masseuse checks and counts the money it is to avoid any errors and is standard across providers. Honest mistakes do sometimes happen.

We will not ask for additional fees, beyond the amount confirmed by your receptionist (with the exception of time extensions or requests for additional massage therapies, in which case we pledge to charge the rates advertised on the site). This is the agreement between us – The booking agency and YOU – the client. If you wish to tip your masseuse for services then that is your decision and is between you and the masseuse.

Fees are confirmed in GBP pounds sterling. We are happy to accept payment in USD and Euros but we do ask that you inform the receptionist in advance so that we may check today’s exchange rate and inform the masseuse. (An additional 5% is added to payments made in foreign currency, to cover the cost of exchange into GBP.)


Please be on time for your appointment wherever possible. Whilst we always aim to accommodate infrequent lateness, we cannot guarantee that the masseuse can still offer the full duration in the event of your late arrival. If you are going to be late and it is unavoidable please advise reception as soon as possible. This then saves your time if the masseuse is not available. If you don’t contact us, that may accidentally lead to a legitimate booking being cancelled.


This is vital for both client and masseuse. It is advisable to shower pre and post your massage specially for the Lingam, Yoni and Nuru Massage in London. All incall locations have showers and towels and toiletries will always be provided for you within a clean and luxurious bathroom.

For Outcalls, please extend the same courtesy to your masseuse and allow her to make use of the shower / bathroom facilities before she leaves you.


For Incalls, there is no cancellation free imposed, but we do ask you please give us as much notice as possible. For Outcall appointments if it is within an hour / masseuse is already en route, there will be a requested £100 cancellation fee, this is to cover her travel costs and time as you can appreciate.


Please do not haggle over the agreed and advertised rates, this makes for an uncomfortable conversation and is not necessary as all rates are displayed clearly on the website and the reception team will also have advised you at least once before confirming the appointment for you.

Please do not initiate intimate touching with your masseuse, tantric massage requires you to remain passive and enjoy the experience. Your masseuse will not be offended by you asking what the boundaries are at all; but we ask that you respect her answers at all times.

Everything else should be common sense, so we wont go into excessive detail. The masseuses will be polite and respectful to you, if you as the client have any issues or concerns then please contact reception while you are at the booking.


As with all our services, we do our best to give you great value for money and yet offering an outstanding service and experience that you’ll enjoy for time to come. We have many clients who say our services far exceed expectations after clients have been misled or given incorrect information from other providers. We are proud of our reputation and fight to uphold it as much as we can.

We do treat any complaint received seriously and we investigate all issues surrounding the complaint and respond in a timely fashion. Many of our clients do return on a frequent basis, that’s why we make it very clear that the information and images on our website are genuine, the last thing we want is to disappoint our clients.

Please kindly note, we are a booking agency / service. We are not a massage parlour and the masseuses are promoted by us, they are not employed by us. So any complaint involving a refund request you have should be directed to the masseuse at the time of the booking. If you contact us after your massage with a complaint after the appointment we are not able to refund you in full or part as we have not taken any payment from you. The payments are direct to the masseuse for the advertised service(s). Only they can provide a refund.

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