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Outcall Massage London

Outcall Massage

Also called visiting massage or mobile massage, this is where the masseuses attends to you. Our specialization is a visiting massage service and our gorgeous erotic massage therapists in London will visit you in your hotel or home. Visiting massage is the most convenient form of the massage service, as you can relax deeply and truly let go in the comfort of your own bedroom, not having to interrupt the glorious sensations of delicious relaxation and sensory delight by going out to the streets of London right after the end of your erotic massage session.

The anticipation of having a great tantric massage session in London can be delicious in its erotic excitement, but it does not have to be long and annoying. Our professional and well-trained sensual massage London therapists are very punctual.

Incall Massage

We do not run a spa or have a masage parlour so while you cannot walk in and visit us in one location we actually know private massage is most preferable. Visit with the masseuse in the privacy and comfort of their apartment. With locations around central and West London, you are rarely far from a masseuse. Let them take care of everything. Showers are provided.

Incall Massage London
Body to Body Massage London

Body to Body Tantric

A sophisticated erotic joy, few things compare to a naked, body to body tantric massage.  If your libido is decreasing and you want to spice up your sexual appetite, erotic massage is right for you. That won’t provide too much pressure on your muscles, but on the nerve endings of the skin which are more sensitive. Soft hands glide gently over your naked body, in an elegant and sensual manner. We understand everyday stress and nervousness caused by travel and business meetings.
Nude massage involves every part of the body and aims to create a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of human being for the most holistic effect attainable. Unlike the simple nude massage, erotic body to body massage is more intimate, more voluptuous … perfect. This is done with light sensual strokes on your body with breasts and body of fascinating Angels masseuse.

Yoni Massage (for her)

Laies, tantric massage is not just for the gents. We invite you on a journey of sensual discovery where the tantric angel will shower you with attention and initmacy. Let yourself release to the touch of a tantric expert and allow yourself to be worshipped. The Yoni is garden waiting to be explored and a Yoni massage can lead to a multiple orgasmic experience. Get in touch with your natural erotic nature for pleasure and relaxation.

Yoni Massage London
Lingam Massage London

Lingam Massage

Unlike the nude and body to body massages the Lingam massage focuses more heavily on the male genitals. The Lingam(= Penis) Massage is part of the erotic part of Tantra massage and covers the entire area of ​​the male genitalia. Perhaps it sounds surprising that it does not necessarily have the goal of the man coming to sexual satisfaction by experiencing an orgasm. We say this as if you have no expectations, you can let go completely and experience body, soul and spirit as one. Of course it can (and often does) result in the experience of climax in the intense perception of this sensual massage art. This is why this massage is usually called – “The Happy Ending” massage.

Prostate Massage

A prostate massage, sometimes called a scared spot massage is an initiate tantric massage typically requiring penetration..

The prostate is often referred to as the G point of the man . If a man comes to the climax with the help of a prostate penetration, this should be comparable to the female climax . Much of the men report an intense pleasure experience during a rectal stimulation. While the prostate and thus the “male G point” actually exist, there is still no evidence for the corresponding female counterpart

A prostate massage is a form of anal pleasure. One of the largest bundles of nerves in the male body is in the rectum – stimulation feels good no matter what! 

Prostate Massage London
Soapy Massage London

Soapy Massage

Sometimes called an “Aqua” massage is done in either a bathtub or more commonly in a shower. Instead of massage oil or gel, the soap suds are used to reduce friction and create the smooth and silky skin needed for the best body to body glide. As with all tantric massages you and the masseuse are fully nude. She will massage of of your body using all of hers.

This erotic massage is very relaxing when showering together and being stood rather the lying down offers different connectivity between you and can be very arousing. The massage can be finished outside or inside the shower as you prefer. You’ll feel invigorated!

A soapy erotic body to body massage is more intimate, more voluptuous … perfect. This is done with light sensual strokes on your body with breasts and body of fascinating Angels masseuse.

Couples Massage

 A special way to revitalize the partnership or to expand and deepen the existing relationship of intimacy and trust is our Tantric massage for couples. This special offer is suitable for couples who just want to share a common sensual experience, and especially for couples who want to consciously do something for the quality of the sensual-sexual dimension of their relationship.

With this massage couples can be open inTantric massage for new sexual touches by others. This increases the willingness to allow a greater variety of sexual impulses, to fall deeper and more confident in one’s own lust and to experience again or even more affection.

Especially when both partners are having this experience at the same time, they can greatly enrich their relationship on the emotional as well as the sensual-sexual level.

Couples Massage London
Nuru Massage London

Nuru Massage

Nuru is a very soulful, sensual and erotic body to body, body massage, in which your body from the beginning to the end of the massage, again and again with the ” Nuru gel ” is massaged. The gel is odorless and tasteless.

The name “Nuru” comes from Japanese and means “smooth / slippery”. Nuru massage is both sensual and erotic. The Nuru gel consists of many minerals and algae extracts. Exquisite enjoyment is assured.


Roleplay / Uniform Massage

While you will end up naked, the brain is still the most powerful sexual organ we posses so sometimes getting that involved at the start of the massage will enhance your erotic experience.

A role play or fantasy massage includes clothing at the massage start. We are all aroused by different images, naught teacher, sexy nurse or secretary, raunchy police officer or maybe it’s just really sexy stockings and suspenders?

Whatever your erotic fantasy, we can include it as part of the tantric massage to give you the best experience and greater arousal.

Roleplay Massage London
Four Hand Massage London

4 Hand Massage

Our four-hand massage is an extremely pleasurable experience for connoisseurs. Two masseuses spoil you at the same time and celebrate a magically sensual touch symphony. Immerse yourself in a world of a thousand sensations. 

The touch of four hands and two bodies creates a sensory tsunami. It is perfect for letting you lose control and enter a trance-like state. The body relaxes deeply – which makes it more permeable and far more sensitive. It’s a delicious sensory overload!

Many of our guests feel very touched after such a massage and take awhile to land on the ground again.


Foot Fetish Massage

Foot fetish or foot worship is a common form of arousal. The delicate curves of the underside of the feet, the elegant toes or seeing the feet encased in some high heels are all triggers of great arousal for some of us.

Foot fetish, foot love, foot job or sock job: foot lovers cannot get enough of female feet. Intense moments of happiness and the greatest satisfaction are experienced by well-groomed men with a penchant for foot fetish through the touch of the feet of our erotic masseuses.

The massage includes caressing the feet, gentle trampling and, as a special highlight, relaxing with a foot job. Whether naked, in nylons, socks or in high heels – tell us your preference!


Foot Fetish Massage London

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