Erotic massage or sensual massage in London is the use of massage techniques by one person on the body of another person, paying special attention to the areas that offer pleasure to increase their sexual excitement.

When we talk about massage, the word ‘touch’ always comes to mind. Perhaps touch is one of the most famous gestures towards a partner. However, there are differences between normal touches and those with a sensual and stimulating objective.

Erotic massage is a type of tantric massage that allows you to sensually know everything about your partner’s body. The information that you can obtain through this erotic massage is like finding gold. You can then use it later, during other sexual practices to be more aware of what your partner likes, where they like it and how they like it.

In reality, almost all massages can become erotic, depending on whether the person receiving it wishes it so that the touches and friction end up awakening their sexual appetite.

The effectiveness of these massages depends largely on the ability of the hands and fingers to rhythmically press the body, combining all the existing techniques and thus producing maximum pleasure. It is important to maintain a firm and slow cadence in the movements, making sure that they glide smoothly over the body, always exerting a pleasant and stable pressure.



There are several sensual, erotic, and swedish skills that you can apply to massages, but the ones that we include below are especially recommended for those who want to pursue pure eroticism:


This is very useful in muscular areas such as the hips and thighs. The effect can vary by changing the speed and depth: slow and deep or fast and shallow. It consists of lifting, squeezing and winding the muscles between the thumb and fingers of one hand, sliding it towards the other hand.


This technique is performed by curling the fingers as in a semi-open fist, keeping half of the fingers pressed on the skin, and making small circular movements. It is very pleasant if done on the shoulders, palms, feet and breasts. This consists of giving light blows to the body alternating the hands, with the thumbs inwards and the fingers together. These quick and light movements stimulate and refresh the skin.


This is for fleshy and muscular areas, it is performed with closed fists and consists of giving light, but energetic blows to the skin, alternating the front and back of the fist. It should be left for the final phase of the massage as it is usually the most exciting of all.

Sensual Massage London


This is a rough massage as you will literally lie on your partner although it is only applied to the back. Put your hands on the buttocks, palms firmly seated and fingers toward your head. Then, with the weight of your body directed from the solar plexus, start running the spine with both hands, as long as you want. When you reach the shoulders and neck, slowly lower them to the hips and start again.

Circular Movements

Circular movements are basic in massages and can be applied with different degrees of pressure. Place both palms on your partner’s body and move them in a circle, firmly, up and out and away from the spine.


Place both thumbs on the lower back and make short, quick, alternating movements with both fingers, up and along the buttocks down to the waist. It should run down the right side of the body to the shoulders; do the same on the left side and go back to the beginning.

Body Pressure

Sitting next to your partner, place your hands on either side of the spine, just below the waist. Lean firmly on your hands and apply pressure evenly; Let the strength of your body separate your hands and go down towards the hips as slowly as possible. Repeat the movement several times, from the waist to just above the tailbone.

Hip Lift

Slide your hands from the shoulders to your partner’s buttocks, then slide them under your hip and pull up so that they lift their body a little.

Abdominal Massage

Delicacy is key. With the fingers of one hand, form small circles when massaging the abdomen. Do it clockwise and use your entire palm to massage in a large circle on the outside of the abdomen.

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  • Wash and dry your hands well. Have a massage oil on hand to which you may add two drops of cinnamon essential oil which is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Place your partner face down and caress them, applying some force with your fingers in the back, shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs and calves. This helps your partner to relax.
  • Combine the skills described above and get closer to the most erogenous areas of your partner.
  • Once the massage has started, you should not stop, continue with rhythmic rubs and alternating short massages with longer ones and vice versa.
  • Take advantage of your body weight instead of using the force of your arms, and try not to lean completely on the bed or massage table.
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