Aside from the penis, there is another area in a man’s body that can give him an orgasmic experience that is out of this world. Although it can be hard to find it and to touch it correctly, the results are mind blowing. We’re talking about the male G-spot or the prostate, called the “sacred spot” in a tantric massage.

As the name itself suggests, prostate massage includes the stimulation of the prostate. Those who have already experienced it know the immense pleasure that it gives to the recipient which can only be achieved by means of a tantric massage.


Some people think that a prostate massage is a taboo because it’s misunderstood as part of homosexuality. But feeling pleasure when the anus is massaged is more about experiencing sexual pleasure and not so much about a person’s sexual orientation. The exploration of this erogenous zone can result in multiple orgasms.

A professional tantric masseuse knows a lot of about massaging the prostate, they know exactly which areas to massage and which areas to avoid to achieve the best result. If you book with us, rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.


In order to fully understand what a prostate massage is and how it can give you so much pleasure, we must first know what a prostate is. A prostate is the male gland connected to the bladder neck of the urethra, it is the one responsible for the secretion of liquids responsible for moving the sperm cells.

Nowadays, people are slowly becoming aware of what the prostate is especially during health checks. More information about prostate massage is being spread and a lot of men are trying out this type of massage and even adding it to their routine.



For you to experience orgasm during a prostate massage, the rectal wall of the prostate will be massaged. It may sound weird but when you experience it, the pleasure will be incomparable. Don’t be afraid to try this type of massage, you’ll be amazed at how much it can change your life.

If you open your mind to this new dimension of sexuality, you will find that the pleasure that you experience will be twice as much as when your penis is being stimulated. A lot of our clients even claim that they were surprised at how good of an orgasm they got while experiencing this type of massage.


Although a prostate massage is not that complicated, it’s ideal if the person doing it is an experienced masseuse just like the ones from Exclusive Tantric Massage London. They know exactly where your G-spot it and they know more than anyone else how to massage it correctly.

During a prostate massage, the pacing is slow at first so you can be comfortable and relaxed. You have to taste each moment and savour it as best as you can because if you do, the ending will be extraordinary.

The prostate massage can be executed with either a penetration harness, vibrator, or just the finger, the choice is for you to make. Once the nerves around your bladder are massaged, you will experience a deep sense of excitement. Once the fluids are gathered and you feel an intense sensation, you can experience an orgasm.

If you are able to control your orgasm, your arousal will be considerably longer and the ending will be explosive. Although it takes some time to get used to it and you might orgasm multiple times, you shouldn’t be worried because a prostate massage is one that you enjoy for yourself.

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