The outbreak of COVID-19 has greatly affected all of our lives; we were forced to stay indoors for the longest time possible and businesses were shut down to protect the safety of everyone. Exclusive Tantric Massage London was affected but WE ARE OPEN from Monday 12th April.

We are excited to be back and will be offering our unique relaxation experience to our clients once again. 

We, like all professional services, had to follow the protocols in order to protect both our clients and masseuses. However, we’re more than happy to announce that after a few months of being closed due to COVID-19, we’re opening our doors once again to our clients both new and old who want to once again experience the joys of tantric massages.

The masseuses at Exclusive Tantric Massage London love seeing smiles on their client’s faces every time they receive a stimulating tantric massage. They are proud of being able to raise more awareness about it as people are starting to change their approach towards sex, sensuality, and self-care. We believe that connecting with your inner self is very important and is one way to truly experience the fullness and happiness of life.

Embody all the different sensations during each tantric massage session as our masseuses teach you how to apply much of yourself in each moment. They use light movements in a deep state of awareness that are applied to help  you to feel a genuine connection with your masseuse.

As we offer our tantric massage services to our clients once again, we make sure to follow the strict protocols that are stipulated for everyone’s safety but our services remain the same; giving you a safe place to enjoy sensuality like never before and be completely immersed and relaxed in the moment.

We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to those who understood the reason behind why we needed to stop offering our services for a while and we hope that as we open up our doors once again, you will still continue to place your bookings with our beautiful masseuses.

For inquiries or bookings, you can either click HERE or call us at (020) 8058 9006.

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