Each and everyone has a need for intimacy, it’s something we need to experience on a daily basis regardless of the race, age, and beliefs of a person. If you are someone wanting to try out something uniquely sensual, body to body massage London is perfect for you.


In order for you to prepare for a body to body massage in London, you have to first select the time, location, and masseuse. You can even give us a call so we can assist you, we’ll be more than happy to do so.

Before the massage, we recommend that you take a relaxing shower so that you’ll be more comfortable and ready for the massage, it also relaxes your muscles.

When the massage is ongoing, just lie on the bed and enjoy the erotic bliss being transferred to you by the masseuse through her erotic touches. She will work on all the areas of your body and make you feel like a king.

As the massage goes on, you’ll notice that time seems to run slower and slower. This is a signal that your body is already starting to get into the rhythm of the body to body massage. There are no expectations from your part, you just need to enjoy the masseuse’s body gliding on yours. Remember to breathe once in a while to further intensify the feeling, let the masseuse guide you and just enjoy every moment of the massage.


During a body to body massage, both you and the masseuse are naked and fully covered with massage oil to make the contact easier. Remember that this sensual massage is a type of massage where not only the hands are used but also the whole body.

The oil used for the massage is first heated so that it adds to the sensations felt during the massage. As the masseuse moves and glides on every inch of your body, you can feel her curves and the warmed up oil dripping on yours, she will slip and slide on you, making sure that she covers all of your skin. She will also apply different techniques and pressure with her curves to further improve the sensation that you’re feeling.

The masseuse will also take both physical and verbal cues from you and eventually, will ask you to lie on your back so that she can work on the front area of your body. She will lather you with oil once again, even including your private area to heighten your arousal. Her movements are intended to increase your desire and sexual energy so there’s a point in the massage where she will become more adventurous. She will use her entire body as a tool to give you maximum pleasure and the massage gets hotter and hotter as it goes on.

A body to body massage London does not follow a specific sequence but is based entirely on a specific technique tailored according to your needs. The main theme of it, though, is that you will come in maximum contact with your masseuse’s body.

Although the masseuse is mostly in control, she will appreciate any feedback from you so that she can further improve your erotic experience with her. 



For you to have the best body to body massage experience in London, all our masseuses have gone through intensive training. They can even give you some advice about tantric massages that are really useful. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before booking a body to body massage in London:

  • Don’t overeat it may not make any sense, but eating light food before a massage can enhance your experience
  • Temperature being in a room that’s too cold or hot is very uncomfortable. This is why the masseuse would regulate the temperature for you before the massage or you can do it yourself according to your preference.
  • Comfort we recommend having pillows, soft blankets, and anything that will add more to your comfort around. You can even create an area where you can freely move and for the masseuse to be able to comfortably work on your body.
  • Oils massage oils are very important in a body to body massage London and our masseuses only use unscented ones.


London is a booming area for both business and tourism. It’s a place where many people visit for vacation and it won’t disappoint you. There are a lot of options when it comes to relaxation and one of the best of them is tantric massage from Exclusive Tantric Massage London.

Having a naked and beautiful masseuse massaging all areas of your body is something that everyone needs to experience once in a while. What makes it better is that it can even be done at your hotel or residence. You don’t need to leave your room, just relax and wait for your masseuse to arrive.

With a body to body massage, you will be intimately caressed and wrapped in sensuality. This is a time where you can forget all your concerns and just be present at the moment. Aside from the massage being unique and sexy, it can also bring positive effects to your physical and mental wellbeing.


When visiting London, don’t just let business take all your time, there’s more that you need to discover, especially body to body massage.

Exclusive Tantric Massage London offers the best body to body massage in London so don’t hesitate to call us and we can recommend you the best masseuse near you. They know very well how to massage every area of your body and when it’s done, you will feel more energetic. You will notice a positive change in your mood, and you will take with you a new kind of sensation that you’ve never felt before.

A lot of people think that it’s not possible to combine both work and leisure when travelling but that is not the case in London. You have lots of options to mix up both work and leisure and body to body massage London is one of them.

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